Move over BBQ food, there's a new fish in town!

Move over BBQ food, there's a new fish in town!

Here at Whitby Seafoods, we’re bloomin’ proud of what we do! And, as BBQ season rolls around, we can’t wait to see our products spice up garden parties all over the UK!

So, forget chicken drumsticks, boring burgers and standard sausages - we’ve got a range of bloomin’ delicious seafood ready to turn up the heat and take your BBQ to the next level!




Classic Scampi


No twist on a BBQ would be complete without our bloomin’ special scampi! Delicious on its own with a squeeze of lemon or served with fluffy chips and tartare sauce, we think simple is better for this so-fish-ticated dish…


Our bloomin’ special scampi is available in the frozen aisle at most supermarkets.



Calamari Dippers


We don’t just make delicious Scampi at Whitby Seafoods, we also fly the flag for bloomin’ special Calamari! And this squid dish is a real crowd-pleaser at BBQs, especially when dipped in some sweet chilli sauce. Find our crispy calamari in the chilled aisle at Sainsbury’s!


Bonus tip - scatter with cracked black pepper and serve with a zingy salad for a proper round of applause.



Scampi Sliders


Our twist on mini burgers and the perfect summer treat to liven up any party! We recommend using our Ultimate Jumbo Scampi and serving them up in mini brioche buns with some good old pink slaw! So bloomin’ tasty, they’ll be gone in no time.


Pick up a pack of our ultimate Jumbo Scampi in the chilled aisle at Sainsbury's.



Lemon Pepper Flatbreads


Move over, burgers, we have bigger fish to fry! Our Lemon Pepper Fillet Goujons stuffed inside soft flatbreads and served with mashed avocado are perfect for anyone hankering after some exciting BBQ nosh! If you really want to impress your guests, garnish with parsley and the zest of fresh lemon! These tasty goujons are available now in ASDA.


Don’t forget, we also have a bloomin’ good gluten-free range available at Sainsbury’s and ASDA! So more of our customers are free to tuck in and enjoy.


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