Whitby Seafoods announce a pioneering agreement made for scampi

Whitby Seafoods announce a pioneering agreement made for scampi

21st February 2024

Whitby Seafoods is a family-run company and we’ve been selling scampi caught in the waters around the British isles since 1985. Based in Whitby, we are committed to the communities we work in, and we’re committed to being a sustainable company within a sustainable industry.

We are very proud to announce a pioneering agreement between the scampi fishermen of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to adopt the MSC’s new “In Transition to MSC” programme. This exciting new development is a vital step in our mission to ensure sustainability lies at the heart of the UK’s scampi fishery.

This builds on the work carried out under the Project UK FIP, whilst using the very latest version 3 of the MSC framework that allows even greater transparency and accountability in documenting progress against this standard.

Retailers, processors, and NGOs have come together to facilitate this agreement and Whitby Seafoods will continue to play a leading role in co-ordinating and funding its success.

Scampi is a very important commercial British fishery with scampi tails almost exclusively sold to UK consumers. This agreement means this British national dish will be working towards MSC accreditation, which is, at the time of writing, the most credible and established sustainability certification scheme possible.

Whitby Seafoods commitment to sustainable fishing can be seen through a new Northern Irish industry led initiative next month. Throughout March Whitby Seafoods will be working with the Portavogie registered fishing boat, The Golden Ray, to trial the use of modified fishing nets to minimise bycatch yet further.

We are proud of the part we’ve played supporting these initiatives with both our Managing Director, Daniel Whittle and our Sustainability Director, Edward Whittle, investing time, resources, and commitment to helping the sector navigate these issues. Daniel said:

“Whitby Seafoods’ commitment to the sustainability of the UK scampi can be seen through these exciting new initiatives. We’re delighted to have played a leading role in helping the sector reach this vital and credible sustainability agreement”

As an independent family-owned company Whitby Seafoods are deeply committed to the sustainability of our waters, and we believe that every family should continue to enjoy nutritious and sustainable seafood.

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